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Team Check-in

Team Check-in 

Waiver Form

Medical Release Form

Guest Player Form

Team Check-In: Managers and/or Coaches Only

The team manager, coach or other authorized representative should bring the required materials listed below to the check-in area. The entire team is not required to be present.

When: Friday evening (6PM to 9PM) or Saturday morning (one hour before your first scheduled game) the weekend of the tournament. 

Where: Concessions Building, Springhill Complex.

Required Forms: 

Official Approved state Roster - We keep a copy 
Medical Release Form for each player. 

We check, you keep 
Validated Player Pass for each player, LAMINATED 
Validated Coaches Pass...maximum of 3 coaches.

We check, you keep Tournament Waiver of Liability Form - We keep
(signed by parent or guardian of each player) 

Permission to Travel Form (non-Indiana teams) - We keep 

Guest Player Form (as required, one form for all players) - We Keep 

Please Note: 

You may use your own team medical release form or download the one provided. 

You MUST use the provided Waiver of Liability form.

Players over the age of 18 may sign their own forms.

All player passes (including guest players) must be laminated. 

Please do not bring the entire team to the check-in. 

You will be given a portfolio containing your tournament materials including copies for your players/parents. Please arrange to distribute those before reaching the game site.