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Travel Program

Terre Haute Flyers Travel Program

Flyers Academy (9U-10U): Flyers Academy is intended to transition the club’s youngest players from recreational to the more competitive travel program. We include all that want to play in the program as space allows. The program is intended to be fun and build a passion for the sport of soccer. Playing small-sided games that encourage skill-building and ball control will be a high priority. We want to encourage players to solve problems creatively and take risks

Training will occur 2-3 times per week from August-October in the fall, March-May in the spring. Optional winter training (Nov-March) may be offered with the team.

The Academy will participate in the Indiana Soccer League (ISL) 10 & Under division. The games are in a 7v7 small-sided format with adjusted rules. League results are not recorded and are not the objective of the program. Games are typically played on Saturdays at VCYSA club fields, or at another club within an hour plus drive of Terre Haute. The league usually schedules ‘play dates’ with other clubs that include each team playing two games in a day. This is done to limit the travel burden on families. Many Academy teams will play in 1-2 tournaments a season in addition to their ISL schedule.

11U-15U: The fall season begins in August and typically lasts until late October. The spring season normally starts in late March and lasts until early June. Training sessions are held 2-3 times per week and games are most commonly played on weekends. Occasionally, games may be played on weeknights with clubs in close proximity. 11U-15U teams participate in various divisions of the Indiana Soccer League (ISL). Optional winter training (Nov-March) may be offered with the team.

Our teams typically play between 6-10 league games each season. Some of the teams will compete in the Indiana State Cup, President’s Cup, or Challenge Cup tournaments in the spring. Most of the teams will compete in 1-2 tournaments each season, depending on player availability. Tournaments are selected by the team with guidance from the Director of Coaching.

If your child is offered an invitation with a Flyers travel team and agrees to play, they are accepting a commitment to the club for one year (2 seasons, fall and spring for 9U-15U). Players are expected to make a strong effort to attend all practices and games. Any conflicts will be communicated with your coaches and managers well in advance so that the impact on the team can be minimized. Excessive absences may be reflected in reduced playing time or future team placement. 

16U-19U: These age groups only play for the club during the spring season as players often compete for their high school teams in the fall. Training may begin as early as November at the conclusion of the high school season, and some teams may participate in a November tournament. Training sessions are held 2-3 times per week during the spring and games are played on weekends, though a few games may be played during the week. The Flyers compete in the Indiana Soccer League (ISL). Some of the teams will compete in the Indiana State Cup, President’s Cup, or Challenge Cup tournaments. In addition, teams may compete in 1-2 tournaments during the spring season and attend college showcases when appropriate. 

Team members are expected to give 100% commitment to fellow teammates and coaches. Players are expected to attend all practices and games unless otherwise communicated to the coach well in advance. Excessive absences may be reflected in reduced playing time or future team placement. VCYSA understands absences due to family and work commitments, school commitments or sickness. The expectation is that in the spring, the club team commitment will come before any high school soccer team obligation.

Note: All high school age teams are subject to the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) 7 Player Rule. The rule states that no more than 7 players from the same high school soccer team can participate on a club soccer team. Non-compliance of the rule may prevent player(s) from being eligible to compete for their high school team. VCYSA follows this rule very closely to keep our players' eligibility intact. This rule creates a challenge for our area with two primary high schools (North and South) accounting for the majority of the club’s high school age players.



2012 – 9U

2011 – 10U

2010 – 11U

2009 – 12U

2008 – 13U

2007 – 14U

2006 – 15U

2005 – 16U

2004 – 17U

2003 – 18U

2002 – 19U


The current registration fees for the travel program are:

Academy 9U -10U                                                 $300/year (includes Fall and Spring seasons)

11U -12U                                                               $500/year (includes Fall and Spring seasons)

13U-14U-15U (non high school players)               $560/year (includes Fall and Spring seasons)

15U-19U (high school players)                              $325/season (includes only the Spring season)

Additionally, there is the cost of the required club uniform which generally runs in the $100-$115.00 range. The cost of the uniform is separate from the registration fee.  There are additional fees associated with tournament participation, training both in and out of season, and possibly compensation of the team's coach. Fees are subject to change without notice.