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Costs of Operating A Soccer Club

One of the more often asked questions is "Where do our registration fees go for soccer?". The question can be asked about both travel and recreational soccer as the fees can be considered high by many parents. The reality is that registration fees are subsidized by other sources of revenue generated by the Club. These sources can include sponsorships, concessions and tournament income. Currently, registration fees make up approximately 75% of the income collected by the Club on an annual basis.

There are several expenses that affect the Club, regardless of travel or recreational soccer. The major cost is associated with the mowing, fertilization, seeding and maintaining of 42 acres of grass. These actions occur on an on-going basis throughout the year even though our seasons will end. The continued maintenance with gravel and grading of the parking lot will add to that cost.  Other expenses are shown, but it’s not an all-inclusive list.

•             Insurance

•             Security

•             Building & equipment repairs

•             Personnel costs

•             Utilities & telephone

•             Player & league registration fees

•             Trainers

•             Recreational awards

•             Recreational uniforms

•             Referees

•             Coaching education

Typically, travel registration fees are higher than recreational fees due to the additional costs required by the State (player registration and referee fees) and the allocation of available trainers to the travel program. Members of the Board continue to review and monitor other soccer club's fees within the state in an effort to keep our program priced as competitive as possible. We have been very fortunate to have a Club that is still managed and supported by volunteers.