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VCYSA Rules of Play



Early Bird Ends on January 20th

Registration closes on February 24th

one Sunday afternoon game will be played on 5/5 to avoid playing Memorial Day weekend. 

10:00A, 11:30A 1:00p



• KiddieKicks (birth years 2020-2021) starts the week of April 7th – ends the week of May 27th

• Rec (birth years 2009-2019) starts April 6th – ends June 1st



·       KiddieKicks – $75 until January 20th Rec – birth years 2020 and 2021 only

·        Rec – $100 until January 20th – birth years 2009-2019



·       KiddieKicks - $95 until February 24th

·       Rec - $120 until February 24th



·       Age groups are based on birth year, not on grade in school.  The “soccer calendar year” as of August 1, 2023, is 2024.  You simply take the “soccer calendar year” and subtract your child’s birth year to find their age group.  For example, if your child was born in 2017:  2024-2017=7. This child would be a U7 player.  

·       We are attempting to have all girls’ teams and all boys’ teams for all age groups, provided there are enough girl players in an age group for this to work. 

·       KiddieKicks (birth years 2021-2020) are all co-ed.

·       U5 and U6 (birth years 2019-2018) we combine and call U6.  

·       U7 and U9 (birth years 2017-2016) we combine and call U8

·       U9 and U10 (birth years 2015-2014) we combine and call U10

·       U11 and U12 (birth years 2013-2012) we combine and call U12

·       U13-U15 (birth years 2011-2010-2009) we combine and call U15




KiddieKicks with birth years of 2020 or 2021 click here to register:


Rec players with birth years of 2009-2019 click here to register:



·       On the payment screen, select the full price payment. When you get to your cart there is a box to check to receive a $20 discount (for early bird). Once you check that box that reduces your price by $20.  Enter in your payment and submit your registration.  Registrations are not received unless payment has been made.  

·       Once you have submitted your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with important details.  

Melissa Brown 

VCYSA/Terre Haute Premier 

Director of Soccer Operations 

[email protected] 

The VCYSA, Inc. conforms to the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and the FIFA Laws of the Game except as provided in the complete rules of the VCYSA. These rules are provided for your information and the enjoyment of the game. They are not a definitive listing of the rules.

1.             Recreational play is all about having fun. If your child is not having fun, talk to your coach, and then to your commissioner.  Emphasis on winning is inappropriate for our recreational program.

2.             Every recreational player who attends practice regularly and actively participates in practice MUST be allowed to play one-half of every game. This time may consist of an entire half or may be divided between halves. Disciplinary exceptions to this rule will be made known to the league commissioner at least one half-hour prior to game time. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the parent to determine if his/her child is playing at least half of each game. The parent should contact the league commissioner if he has any questions concerning a child’s playing time.

3.             PLAYERS MUST WEAR SHIN GUARDS DURING ALL PRACTICES AND GAMES. Players are not allowed to wear metal cleats, watches, jewelry, earrings, rings, neck chains, or any other potentially hazardous equipment (including uncovered casts) during a game.

4.             Players must wear shoes with paired round cleats or studs, with multiple small round molded studs (turf shoes) or with smooth soles. Shoes with raised rectangular bars are NOT ALLOWED unless the bars are 3/8 inch wide and go all the way across the shoe sole. Shoes with protrusions on the edges of the soles, triangular, square, or L-shaped cleats, rectangular bars less than the width of the shoes, shoes with an unpaired “toe cleat”, and baseball shoes are NOT ALLOWED.

5.             Girls are allowed to protect their chests with crossed arms without being penalized for a handling violation if the ball hits their crossed arms or fists. Arms and fists must be tightly held against the body to prevent violation of the no-handling clause in the FIFA rules.

6.             Any player receiving TWO yellow cards during a game will be ejected from the game. The player must remain on the bench and behave themselves. At the discretion of the league commissioner, the player may be suspended from the next scheduled game.

7.             Coaches who have been verbally warned by the referee, but continue to exhibit unacceptable behavior, will be ejected from the playing area and cannot remain as a spectator. At the discretion of the league commissioner, the coach may be suspended from the next scheduled game.

8.             Infractions of the rules by parents or relatives of the players may result in suspension of the player for a period of time depending on the severity of the infraction. AT ALL TIMES: players, parents, coaches, and relatives involved in VCYSA sponsored activities shall demonstrate good sportsmanship, good behavior, be respectful of others and abide by the rules of the game. Gross acts of poor sportsmanship, poor behavior, disrespect of the referees or others, or a failure to abide by the rules of the game can result in suspension of the individual from VCYSA sponsored activities. Infractions of this type must be reported to the commissioner for the relative age division.

9.             Any contact from a coach to a player (or player's parent/guardian) designed to influence a player's request for a team is considered recruiting. Recruiting is forbidden at all recreation levels. All occurrences of this nature should be immediately reported to the appropriate commissioner.

Not all of the rules are published in this booklet for two reasons. First, the coaches of each division have the rules from their commissioners describing that division’s individual rules. Second, this allows us more flexibility during the season if certain rules need to be changed. As spectators -- be spectators and encourage the players. You and the players will enjoy the game more.





1.       Teams should be on the field and ready to play at the scheduled time. Warm-ups and pre-game instructions must be conducted prior to game time.

2.       Games will be played in equal periods (quarters or halves) with the following time periods:



Ball Size

Playing time

Division U15

Size 5

2 - 35 minute halves

Division U12

Size 4

2 - 30 minute halves

Division U10

Size 4

2 - 25 minute halves

Division U8

Size 3

4 - 10 minute quarters per game

Division U6

Size 3

4 - 8 minute quarters per game





3.       Substitutions will be unlimited. They will occur from midfield at appropriate stoppage times (goal kicks, throw-ins by possessing team, however, if both teams are up at the line, then both teams can enter, after goals are scored and at the beginning of a quarter or half). Substitutions should only occur with the approval of the referee.

4.       During a game, coaches and players must remain within their designated area on the coach/player side of the field. No other persons are allowed within the coach/player area during a game. Coaches may only provide positive encouragement and constructive comments to the players during a game. Coaches are not allowed to move along the touchline, except as noted below for Division U-6 and Division. No more than four coaches are allowed for each team during a match.

5.       Only players and the referee (s) are allowed on the soccer field during a match. The referee may signal a coach to enter the field if one of his or her players is injured. Spectators are NEVER allowed on the field during a match.

6.       Spectators are not coaches. Spectators must remain behind the three yard restraining line and should remain at least six yards behind the end line as they are entering or leaving the soccer fields. No one may stay directly behind the goals.

7.       When a change of goalkeeper occurs, the referee should be advised; otherwise, an indirect kick and yellow card could be awarded.

8.       Slide Tackling is not allowed at any age.; An indirect free kick will be taken, at the spot of the infraction, by the opposing team.



DIVISION U4 KIDDIEKICKS (birth years of 2020 and 2021)

KiddieKicks is a developmental program designed for U3 & U4 players (players born in 2020 & 2019).

KiddieKicks provides age-appropriate skill building, focusing on emotional, mental, and physical growth

for young soccer players. Each player will attend one 50-minute session per week for 8 weeks.

The coaches will lead players through a warm-up, ball skills, followed by games that will help your child

with basic soccer skills while emphasizing fun and child-friendly competition. Sessions will end with a

scrimmage with lots of goals scored!

DIVISION U6 (birth years of 2018 and 2019)

1.             No more than 4 players per side

2.             No goalkeepers

3.             One coach will be allowed on the field with their players for instructional help for all games

4.             There will be no throw-ins. The ball will be put into play by an indirect kick from the point on the sideline at which it went out.


DIVISION U7/U8 (birth years of 2016 and 2017)

1.             No more than 4 players per side, and no goalkeepers.

2.             During the first two weeks of the season, one coach will be allowed on the field for instructional help only. This concept allows coaches to verbally assist children of both teams, with an emphasis on instruction rather than competition.

3.             There will be no throw-ins. The ball will be put into play by an indirect kick from the point on the sideline at which it left the field of play.

4.             Offside will not be called unless a player continues to position himself/herself near the goal in an offside position in order to gain an advantage.


DIVISION U9/U10 (birth years of 2014 and 2015)

1.             7 players per side, including goalkeeper

2.             Throw-ins are awarded for balls going out-of-bounds over the touchline.

3.             There is a drop back line on the U10 field. This line is between midfield and the penalty box, it extends from sideline to sideline. Anytime the goalkeeper has the ball, or when a team is taking a goal kick, the opposing team should move all players behind drop back line.

4.             The goal kick may be taken from anywhere inside the penalty area. Opponents are required to drop behind the build out line until the ball is put back into play. Rationale: Developmentally the goalkeeper should be the player taking the goal kick. This should allow for a completed pass from the goal kick.

5.             Offside will be enforced in the attacking area beyond the drop back line.

6.             All free kicks will be administered by the proper restart method in compliance with the Laws of the Game.

DIVISION U11/U12 (birth years of 2012 and 2013)

1.             9 players per side, including goalkeeper.

2.             Throw-ins are awarded for balls going out-of-bounds over the touchline.

3.             Offside will be enforced.

4.             All free kicks will be administered by the proper restart method in compliance with the Laws of the Game.

DIVISION U13/U14/U15 (must be a middle school student or equivalent birth years of 2009, 2010 or 2011)

1.             11 players per side, including goalkeeper.

2.             Throw-ins are awarded for balls going out-of-bounds over the touchline.

3.             Offside will be enforced.

4.             All free kicks will be administered by the proper restart method in compliance with the Laws of the Game.

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VCYSA - Terre Haute Premier

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