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Refund Policy

As an organization, Terre Haute Premier/VCYSA must work to maintain a predictable financial model and, equally important, a positive experience for every Travel Player.  To help ensure that these two goals are met, Terre Haute Premier/VCYSA will only grant refunds of the Terre Haute Premier/VCYSA Travel Club fee in clearly defined circumstances:

  • There are no refunds once a player has accepted their position on a team.
  • Exceptions are made for injuries before mid-season.  Refunds are prorated with a $45 fee.  Any player that suffers a significant injury or medical condition that will prevent the player from playing is eligible.  Appropriate documentation and a letter from the players’ physician will be required.
  • Exceptions are also made for a player that moves outside of a 50-mile radius.

Injury prior to August 1, full refund for the Fall season minus $45.

Injury between August 1st and September 15th, 50% of fees minus $45 for the Fall season.

No refunds after September 15th.  No exceptions. 

Injury prior to March 1st, full refund for the Spring season minus $45.

Injury between March 1st and April 15th, 50% of fees minus $45 for the Spring season.

No refunds after April 15th.  No exceptions. 

RECREATIONAL SOCCER - no refunds will be given.