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Aug, 2022

VCYSA Recreational Soccer Information

What is StackTeamApp?

  • This is our club wide app that is used for all communications.  You will receive an email to download the app.  I will associate parents/guardians with their child.  You DO NOT NEED TO REQUEST ACCESS.  Stay up to date with the latest news, field closures, filed changes, weather updates, Academy Sports coupons, fanwear, etc.  You can chat with your coach or other team members on the app.  We require all coaches to use this app.  


When will I hear from my coach?

  • For the Spring season, by the end of March. For the Fall season, by the end of August. 


    When do practices start?

  • Practices will start 1 to 2 weeks prior to the first game.  


When is the Fall season?  

  • Games will begin on Sunday, September 11th for U6-U15.    
  • The season is 8 weeks long, and will end on Sunday, October 30th


What does my child need to play?

  • Soccer cleats are highly recommended (cannot use any other type of cleat) and shin guards are required for all players for every practice and game (shin guards go inside of the socks). 
  • Watch for an email about our Equipment Grab n’ Go Program!
  • A soccer ball is encouraged but not required.  
  • We will provide each player with a game jersey (dri-fit) and a pair of soccer socks.
  • Most players will wear black athletic shorts or black sweatpants for games.  


Where can I purchase soccer gear?

  • Academy Sports, Pacesetter Sports, and have a wide selection of soccer cleats, shin guards, balls and accessories.  
  • ACADEMY SPORTS + OUTDOORS is offering our club members a 20% discount on all items August 5, 2022 – August 7, 2022.  You can find the coupon on our website at or on StackTeamApp under news.  


    What size ball is used for each age group?

  • 5U/6U – size 3 ball
  • 7U/8U – size 3 ball
  • 9U/10U – size 4 ball
  • 11U/12U – size 4 ball
  • 13U/14U/15U – size 5 ball


How long are games?

  • 5U/6U – 4 - 8 minute quarters per game
  • 7U/8U – 4 - 10 minute quarters per game
  • 9U/10U – 2 – 25-minute halves
  • 11U/12U – 2 – 30-minute halves
  • 13U/14U/15U – 2 – 30-minute halves


How long does practice last?

  • 5U/6U – 45 minutes
  • 7U/8U – 1 hour 
  • 9U/10U – 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 11U/12U – 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 13U/14U/15U – 1 hour 30 minutes


What items are prohibited during a game?

  • FIFA laws of the game prohibit anything, which is dangerous to a player or other player. 
  • Glasses can be worn.
  • You may play with a cast on your arm, but it must be bubble wrapped.   
  • Earrings are forbidden. 


Can I choose what day/time my child practices?

  • No.  VCYSA will schedule all practice days and times and all practices will take place at our complex. 


    Where are games played?

  • Games and practices take place at the VCYSA soccer complex located at 990 W. Springhill Drive, Terre Haute, IN  47802. 


    What day are games played?

  • Games are played on Sundays at either 1, 2:30 or 4.  


How are age groups decided?

  • The soccer calendar year begins on August 1st of each year.  The date the state uses is 2023 for the 2022-23 soccer season.  You subtract your child’s birth year by the soccer year to find out their age group.  For example:  birth year of a child is 2015.  Take 2023-2015=8.  So, this child would be an U8 player.  


    What does U mean in age groups?

  • U simply means “under”.  So, a U6 player is under the age of 6.  


How are teams formed?

  • Players are placed in their appropriate age group, based on their birth year.  
  • A coach’s child is placed on the team first.  
  • We then place new players on a team.  
  • Next, we look at all requests.  Only 50% of a team’s roster can be from requests.  
  • Age groups are as follows:

5U/6U – we call this 6U

7U/8U – we call this 8U

9U/10U – we call this 10U

11U/12U – we call this 12U

13U/14U/15U – we call this 15U


Once teams have been formed, can my child switch to a different team?

  • No.  Once teams have been decided and the uniform order is placed, players cannot be moved around.    
  • We cannot make adjustments after the uniform order has been submitted, as additional costs are incurred. 
  • If an adjustment must be made (due to an extenuating circumstance) there will be an additional cost, that the parent will be responsible for.   


What are pods?

  • Pods are used for our 5U/6U and 7U/8U players.  
  • Pods are a larger group of kids that train together.
  • For each game the pods will break into 2 teams each to face off against another pod.  
  • The 2 teams within a pod will vary from week to week. 
  • Games will occur at the same time on adjacent fields.  
  • At halftime players can be substituted from one team to the other within their pod.  


Why do we have pods?

  • The kids’ learning is based on the concept of PLAY-PRACTICE-PLAY.  This uses scrimmaging to provide the opportunity to learn by doing.  
  • Having more players allows for forming weekly teams that will create even play for teams thus making it more FUN for all the kids.  


How many players are on a team?

  • 5U/6U – up to 16 players per pod
  • 7U/8U – up to 16 players per pod
  • 9U/10U – up to 12 players per team
  • 11U/12U – up to 14 players per team
  • 13U/14U/15U – varies but up to 18 players per team


How many players are on the field during a game?

  • 5U/6U – 4 v 4
  • 7U/8U – 4 v 4
  • 9U/10U – 7 v 7
  • 11U/12U – 9 v 9
  • 13U/14U/15U– 11 v 11


When do we get their uniforms?

  • Coaches will distribute uniforms on the first game day.  


    What if I ordered the wrong size jersey for my child?

  • You can purchase a different one for a fee.  You will need to contact Melissa Brown at [email protected]right away.  It will take at least 2 weeks to receive the new jersey.  


    Where do we sit for the games? 

  • Parents, guardians, friends, family, spectators must all sit on the OPPOSITE side of the field from the players and coaches.  
  • You MAY NOT sit on the same side as the players and coaches.
  • You MAY NOT sit around the goals.  
  • If you are not sitting in the correct spot, you will be asked to move.  
  • Players need to listen to the coaches and be able to hear them. 


Are families of players required to volunteer?

  • Yes.  Each family is required to volunteer 2 service hours each season.  
  • This can be fulfilled by volunteering for field day, serving on our board, being a coach or assistant coach, working during our Spring soccer tournament, etc.  


Do you offer a volunteer buyout if I am unable to volunteer my time?

  • Yes.  Every family is required to pay a $25 buyout fee if they cannot volunteer for 2 hours.
  • You can go to our website and pay for your buyout with a credit or debit card.  Click this link to do the volunteer buyouts: 

     Select “pay for volunteer buyout”. 

  • You can send in a check or money order for your buyout to:


PO Box 2003

Terre Haute, IN  47802

In the memo section write volunteer buyout and your child’s name.


My child has decided not to play this season. Can I get a refund?

  • No.  There are no refunds, after registration closes.  Please go to our website for more details.


What if I have an issue with my coach?


Should I yell instructions or coach my child from the sidelines?

  • No.  You should only encourage all players when they do well. 
  • Let the coach’s coach and the players play, as that is how they learn.  


What is the VCYSA Zero Tolerance Policy?

  • VCYSA does not tolerate the harassment of Players, Referees, Coaches or Spectators.  THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!
  • You may be asked to leave and even be banned from attending future games for excessive or repeated offenses.

Are pets allowed?

  • NO PETS allowed at the complex, regardless of size. This includes our entire property, the perimeter, and our parking lot. Please let your family members know. 

Players are expected to:

  • Attempt to attend all practices and games and participate to the best of their ability.
  • Demonstrate positive sportsmanship at all times.
  • Be respectful of all teammates, opponents, coaches, managers, referees, and adults.  


Parents are expected to:

  • Make sure that players arrive at (and are picked up at) all practices and games at the appropriate time.
  • Communicate directly with coaches if your child cannot attend a practice or game. 
  • Demonstrate positive sportsmanship at all times.
  • Communicate with coaching staff and club officials in a respectful manner should a conflict or question arise.  
  • Be mindful of the code of conduct and our zero-tolerance policy.  


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VCYSA - Terre Haute Premier

PO Box 2003 
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Email: [email protected]

VCYSA - Terre Haute Premier

PO Box 2003 
Terre Haute, Indiana 47802

Email: [email protected]
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